Wide ranging changes in political economy and policy environment in 1990s posed several challenges. One of such challenges was countering […]
Open Letter to Heads of Political Parties To The Heads of Political Parties Subject: Street vendors’ request to ensure passage […]
NASVI calls for ‘Street Vendors Parliament’ in Delhi on 31 January demanding passage of Street Vendors’ Bill by Rajya Sabha […]
This guy from Karnataka State show off a healthy and affordable traditional approach to their freshly prepared menu, with everything […]
Accelerating its street food advocacy campaign, National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) in association with well known voluntary […]
Union Minister Ajay Maken takes up the eviction issue with Maharashtra Chief Minister and declares No Eviction till Livelihood Protecting […]
No More Delay No More Terror of Municipal Bodies and Police  Enact Street Vendors Livelihood Protection Law in Current Session […]

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