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National Association of Street Vendors of India NASVI

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Panel Discussion & Stage Performance

Panel Discussion

Panel Discussion

The national street food Festival is the premier & only street food festival in the country. NASVI started it as a livelihood promotion and advocacy event. To date, a total of 11 National Street Food Festivals have been organised, and it is a  unique fest where street food vendors from different regions assemble with their signature dishes. It brings more than 120 street food stalls from 28 states and union territories of India.
This year for the first time, panel discussions on various topics are being conducted to emphasise issues like the plight of informal workers, street vendors, climate change, digital and cashless economy, unorganised sector, street performers, cashless economy, etc.
Panel discussion allows experts and leaders to express their opinions and solidarity on the issues pertaining to the Life and Livelihood of Street Vendors and other Informal Sector workers. Through these panel discussions, Street Food Lovers will also be educated and aware of the rights, entitlements and issues related to Informal Sector as a whole.
Our Panel discussions will highlight the link of street food with other urban dimensions, such as the use and design of public spaces, urban safety, formal urban economy, and right to the city, among others. The focus will be on the economic implications for consumers and vendors of an eventual disappearance of street food, how spatial arrangements (banning, eviction, zoning and such) by the municipal and national government impact the physical space of street vendors (not only food) and how they try to negotiate with the authorities for survival.
Issues related to the right to the city from the perspective of street vendors and street food will be discussed. The focus will be on the right of street vendors, including street food vendors, to be active members of the city whose contributions, needs, and voices need to be acknowledged and incorporated into the urban policies needed to achieve an inclusive and sustainable future for India.
Panellists will be representing various think tanks, businesses, NGOs, government organisations, media, arts, tech-based organisations, etc. will try to drive the discussion towards better advocacy of the rights of informal workers as a whole and how global and national events affect their well-being.

The topics for the panel discussions are

  • Global response toward informal workers during pandemic
  • Women street food Vendor
  • Circular economy in cities
  • Digital transformation and street vendors
  • Climate change and changing landscape of Urban India
  • Future Agenda of Delhi
  • Unorganized Sector in India
  • Street food culture
  • Street performers in Indian culture
  • Fortified Food
  • Eat Food Pray: The Magic Street Food Covered Globally

Key Panelists

Stage Performances at 12th NSFF


Rahul Ram 

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Aman Singh


   Avinash Thakur


Roots Music Society 

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Yashsasvi & Kunal


Sarah & Team

Vivacious Dance Society

Aamir Hassan project

Nizami the Fusion Band

Shreeya Sharma


Zumba Dance

Gaurish Singh


Sohail Malik

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