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National Association of Street Vendors of India NASVI

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If you are a street vendor or a worker in the unorganized sector please fill the link




The National Association of Street Vendors of India which works across India with more than 10 lakh street vendors and Nidan which is a grassroots NGO working in Delhi, Bihar and Jharkhand with unorganized workers have joined hands with a Noida-based software company to reach out and help lakhs of unorganized workers who suffered and continue to suffer due to impact of COVID -19  and subsequent lockdown. The fear of insecurity still grapples the families of unorganized workers who remain uncertain about future

A major learning post lockdown was the issue of access to social protection and employment entitlements. Many could not access the entitlements declared by Govt due to a lack of documentation. So ‘entitlement preparedness ‘ is as important as Govt sensitivity.

In order to reach out to large numbers, we thought technology would be more useful. We joined hands with Mr Sumit Krishnan, founder and CEO of Success Number Pvt Ltd. An IIT Delhi Alumni has developed this link and the process of APP development is also on. It is called Shramik Sathi, any unorganized worker can fill out the form and we will reach out to him or her step by step helping him or her to get each of the entitlement mentioned. The entitlements cover social protection and employment – the two most important entitlements

We plan to reach out to 10 lakhs workers by end of July and will also help them to enrol themselves under various entitlements. The link will be available on the website of NASVI and NIDAN

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