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National Association of Street Vendors of India NASVI

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Street Food Vendors | Let’s #BringThemBack

If you miss your favourite Street Food Vendor, then help us #BringThemBack

Street Food Vendors | Let’s #BringThemBack

NASVI is a livelihood advocacy organization that works with more than 10,000,00 street vendors through street vendor organizations and leaders. NASVI and Chef Ranveer Brar together have crafted a countrywide digital training movement targeted at local and hyperlocal street food vendors. We are committed to preparing them for a post-COVID world, where we can help reinstate them back into business as soon as possible.

The street food that has been so deeply embedded in our culture; something that we severely missed during lockdown. But have we thought beyond our taste buds and truly asked ourselves how will they now make a living? Would we ever eat street food the same way ever again?

While we all step out of our houses and find a way to create a new routine, a routine that now includes various precautions and care, are we asking ourselves how are the street food vendors doing? These innumerable small food businesses that depended on daily earnings, are we asking ourselves how are they making their way back?

If you miss your favourite Street Food Vendor, then help us #BringThemBack.

This fundraiser is a joint collaboration between the National Association of Street Vendors, NASVI (a sister organization of Nidan), and celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, to help re-instate the street vendors back into the business.

The initiative includes:

1. Training the vendors to be post-COVID ready

2. Conducting webinars for the training

3. Supply them an FSSAI certificate and a hygiene-kit

The kit will include sanitizers, masks, gloves, headgear, etc to ensure proper safety and precautions are taken.

NASVI has already been actively working on conducting online training sessions for the vendors who wish to re-establish their business. They also work in tandem with FSSAI and ministries to make Street Vending in general and Food vendors in particular a regularised affair.

As the lockdown is opening up, the big players with access to resources and support are testing waters are finding their way back. But street food vendors are still coming to terms with basic survival. However, their spirit of entrepreneurship is very much alive. Let’ support these businesses that have been such an integral part of our daily lives for many years before the pandemic hit. 

Let’s prepare them for a better future. Let’s Bring Them Back!

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