Status of State / UT Rules and Schemes

Sr.No.State/UTLatest date of notification- SV Rules/ SchemeSV RulesSV Scheme
1Andaman & Nicobar Islands27.07.2015/26.12.2016View DownloadView Download
2Andhra Pradesh31.07.2017/ 15.06.2016View DownloadView Download
3Arunachal Pradesh27.07.2015/26.12.2016View DownloadView Download
4Assam27.07.2015/26.12.2016View DownloadView Download
5Bihar15.02.2017/ 15.02.2017View DownloadView Download
6Chandigarh27.07.2015/ 30.09.2016View DownloadView Download
7Chhattisgarh07.10.2015/ 09.08.2016View DownloadView Download
8Dadra & Nagar Haveli27.07.2015/ 10.10.2016View DownloadView Download
9Daman & Diu27.07.2015/ 31.08.2016View DownloadView Download
10Delhi10.01.2018/ 15.04.2019View DownloadView Download
11Goa19.10.2016/ 08.02.2018View DownloadView Download
12Gujarat21.12.2016/ 10.12.2018View DownloadView Download
13Haryana31.01.2017/ 12.06.2020View DownloadView Download
14Himachal Pradesh05.12.2016/ 23.02.2017View DownloadView Download
15Jharkhand05.04.2017/ 19.04.2017View DownloadView Download
16Karnataka27.07.2015/26.12.2016View DownloadView Download
17Kerala12.03.2018/ 13.02.2019View DownloadView Download
18Madhya Pradesh05.08.2020View DownloadView Download
19Maharashtra03.08.2016/ 09.01.2017View DownloadView Download
20Manipur02.05.2016/ 01.12.2018View DownloadView Download
21Meghalaya08.06.2017/ 29.06.2017View DownloadView Download
22Mizoram02.11.2017/ 28.11.2017View DownloadView Download
23Nagaland12.02.2019/ 12.02.2019View DownloadView Download
24Odisha06.07.2015/ 06.07.2015View DownloadView Download
25Puducherry25.01.2017/30.06.2020View DownloadView Download
26Punjab12.02.2015/ 03.03.2016View DownloadView Download
27Rajasthan15.02.2016/ 16.05.2016View DownloadView Download
28Tamil Nadu02.11.2015/ 02.11.2015View DownloadView Download
29Telangana10.06.2020/ 05.01.2016View DownloadView Download
30Tripura17.06.2016/ 17.06.2016View DownloadView Download
31Uttar Pradesh10.05.2017/ 08.09.2016View DownloadView Download
32Uttarakhand25.05.2016/ 26.06.2020View DownloadView Download
33West Bengal27.06.2018/ 12.06.2020View DownloadView Download

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