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Status of Registration of Street Food Vendor’s

On line registration of street food vendors yet to start in Bihar . In may NASVI team met food safety commissioner to brief the situation. As a result of the meeting food safety commissioner contacted NSIG and a training of two days was arranged for those who will be doing registration. Six   people from NASVI participated in the training but unfortunately just after the training food safety commissioner got transferred and the situation is in status quo as no officer has been designated as food safety commissioner. Last date for getting all food business operators is 4th August   but it does not seem feasible. NASVI is creating regular pressure at state level and also at national level. Regarding registration NASVI team also met CEO, FSSAI.

Regular follow ups with other state agencies to facilitate registration is being done and Nasvi is closely doing follow ups with NSIG ,the agency authorized to take care of on line registration all over India.

As a result of our continuous efforts Delhi food safety commissioner came with a wonderful idea of getting FBOs registered through SAMAJIK SUVIDHA KENDRA(GRC) .

Rajasthan too has a slow start but they are doing now and Madhya Pradesh and Southern States are doing comparatively better.

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