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Model Scheme : Central Government’s intentions under severe doubt

A so-called ‘Model Scheme’ for Street Vendors’( Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Bill, has been submitted by the All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG) which has been circulated to the states.

Though the Central Govt says that they are in the process of preparation of a ‘Model Scheme’ and this is only the first draft that has been submitted by them and circulated to the states for discussion and stressed that they have not finalized any draft as yet, NASVI is not convinced.

NASVI understands that AIILSG’s intentions might be to take the views of all the states but in the entire draft of the Scheme,and on top of every page, it is referred to as the ‘Model Scheme’. If this is a mere first draft, why it has been referred to as ‘Model Scheme’? Thus if a particular state government adopts its once, it will be quite difficult to change we all know how system works in our country. NASVI also raises its concern that why negative ideas are being proposed to State Governments.It fails to understand why people sitting at AIILSG put provisions which contravene the spirit of law and are also anti-vendors.

We were handed over a copy of this so-called Model Scheme, which the AIILSG says had been sent by the Government of India. We further came to know that the Bihar Government has decided to implement it as per the ‘Model Scheme’.  Since the Central Govt says that this is only the first draft that has been submitted by them, why it has been referred to as the ‘Model Scheme’ and is being implemented? Nowhere in the entire draft has it been mentioned as the ‘Draft Scheme’. This is quite confusing and compels us to doubt the very intentions of the government. We sincerely feel that the government is diluting the essence of the Act.

We are also peeved that despite our efforts to be in communication with the concerned persons all the time, we were not even considered worthy of being consulted on the so-called ‘Model Scheme’. Since we were at the forefront leading the struggle of street vendors for this comprehensive and effective central legislation for Street Vendors’( Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Bill, we sincerely feel that we should have been consulted. We were the main force behind this historic Act passed from both the houses of Parliament. This Bill has several provisions to protect livelihood, social security and human rights of more than ten million urban street vendors who had been facing several barriers and onslaughts of the municipal bodies and the police across cities and towns of India. If this Model Scheme is being implemented, these vendors will be hugely disappointed and feel let down by the government.

We are not bogged down by formal consultation, even an informal consultation would suffice because this ‘Model Scheme’ contravenes the very spirit and provisions of the Act. We just want that things do not turn out against vendors through this ‘Model Scheme’, which we are sure, this Model Scheme would do.

NASVI sincerely hopes things are corrected at the earliest before it is too late and the harm is done and expectsthat a swift action would be taken by the government with NASVI’s due consultation at the earliest so that the vendors are not deprived of their due rights.


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