National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) promotes Indian Street Food Culture by participated in World Street Food Congress (WSFC) […]
Bharat Parva comes alive on 11th August with it’s the Street Food Festival. Ministry of Tourism, GOI has invited 30 […]
CELEBRATE BHARAT PARVA & Stimulate Your Sense Organs at Garden of 5 Senses From 11th August To 15 August 2015 NASVI to […]
Thank you for considering sponsorship for National Street Food Festival 2015! Our event has matured into a signature event for […]
The national association of street vendors of India in collaboration with the ministry of tourism, has organized a six day […]
“Use of image is for the purpose in the promotion of the World Street Food Congress only. Credit for the image is to World Street Food Congress”
The World Street Food Congress is being organized by the Makansutra, a Singapore-based street food promotion company, which asked the […]
Chandigarh:28th February Nasvi, with collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, organised two 6-day training programs in Chandigarh from 16th February […]
New York University, in collaboration with University of Toronto, organized a three-day workshop on deep data collection, regulation and representation […]
NASVI supports the street food vendors’ along with other vendors by bringing their issues and challenges before the authorities. The […]

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