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National Association of Street Vendors of India NASVI

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New York University initiates Global City Food Network – NASVI Invited

New York University, in collaboration with University of Toronto, organized a three-day workshop on deep data collection, regulation and representation on the topic – City food: Lessons from people on move.

The workshop was attended by several historians, sociologists, activists, curators, and entrepreneurs etc. NASVI was invited to present the status of regulations in force related to street vendors – Food Safety Act 2006 (which ensures that food served is healthy and hygienic) and Street Vendors (of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014.

National coordinator of NASVI Mr Arbind Singh made a presentation on advocacy efforts of NASVI and how it is working to get the law implemented in all the states. He gave a detail account of the struggle of street vendors to get this law which is a unique model for all as India is the only country to have this exclusive law for street vendors.


Ms. Sangeeta Singh, who heads the street food programs of NASVI, briefed the audience about the work done by the organization to mainstream street food vendors of India, including a discussion on the difficulties street food vendors face due to reluctant approach of municipal bodies and other agencies to get them regulated as informal status helps them to extort money from street vendors. The work done by NASVI on ground to mainstream street food vendors was appreciated by all and it also created interest to many to work with NASVI. Researchers were interested to visit India and collect data on vibrant gastronomic street food.

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