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Gujarat Government gives Street Vendors legal shield

GANDHINAGAR: Nearly two years after the National Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulations of Street vending) Act-2014 was passed by Parliament, the state Urban Development and Urban Housing Department has notified ‘Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulations of Street Vending) Act-2014 Rules and Orders’.

Under this Act, the eight municipal corporations, all municipalities and other urban development authorities (UDA) will have to form `town vending committees’. These will do zoning of the city concerned for street vendors and also regulate their activity.

The municipal commissioners in municipal corporation areas and, the collectors will chair the town vending committees in municipalities and UDA areas. Each committee will have as members eight street vendors who are elected members of their association, local councillors, NGOs and government representatives. One third of them will be vendor women.

Every local authority will have to prepare a ‘Status Paper and Street Vending Scenario’ with maps which will give details that will be helpful to vendors and also regulate their activities. For instance, the maps will indicate the approximate number of vendors in an area, information about profitable and non-profitable localities for vending, and the kind of articles sold in the area.

The maps will also mark out problematic areas from the traffic point of view; enumeration of the relevant provisions of the prevention of food adulteration Act, Gujarat Municipal Corporation Act, and enumeration of health and hygiene aspects that street vendors will have to observe.

The town vending committee will decide the street vendor zones on the basis of a survey . Every zone will have area allotted to vendors along with registered number. The local authority will have the power to suitably modify the rules.

While deciding the vending zones, the committees will consider road width, traffic flow and pedestrian movement. If the vendor misrepresents or commits fraud, then hisher vendor certificate (licence) will be cancelled.

For Download Act and Rules Click Here.

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