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Outreach Workshop in Vietnam

To amplify the outreach of the Regional Focal Point Asia, Street Net in cooperation with VGCL prearranged a Training for federations of labour and national industrial unions on organizing syndicates of workers in informal economy on 23/24 October 2014. The two-day programme included discussion on various issues like the need to organize workers in the informal economy and addressing the needs and demands of informal economy workers through collective negotiations. The programme also provided a platform for all in sharing and learning lessons from trade unions of other countries, organising in the informal economy along with developing a union strategy for workers in the informal economy.


FNV organized a two-day workshop on Financial Sustainability on 8th and 9th November, 2014 in Kathmandu, Nepal to address all the issues of financial instability. Due to the decrease in the donor finding, financial stability has become a topical issue and the organizations face difficulties in adapting the new challenges created by financial crunch. The workshop was marked by the participation of members from various organizations like BWI, SAVE, SEWA, etc. Programme Manager, Ms. Anuradha Singh represented NASVI at the workshop. The agenda of the workshop included developing strategy for financial management to secure financial stability. Highlighting the need and importance of the Reserve, the workshop resulted in developing strategies for generating reserve by means of increased membership, searching for new platforms and to request the donors to make 3 to 4 percent contribution for reserve.


As a representative of WIEGO Institutional Member, NASVI participated in the WIEGO General Assembly of its members on 11th and 12th November, 2014. Senior Program Manager Mr. Rakesh Tripathi and member Ms. Abha Chaturvedi represented NASVI in the programme. The WIEGO General Assembly is held once in every four years. The main objective of the meeting is to choose board members for the next four year term.

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