New Delhi, India, 4-6th October, 2016

5 Th STREETNET INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS was successfully organized where 109 delegates from 54 countries participated.After the welcome formality, 5 members Panelists discussed about present context of New Street Vendors (Protection of livelihood & Regulation of Street Vending Act, 2014) implementation. The Panel consisted of
Simantha Sharma (Guwahati)
Gopal Ji, (Jabalpur)
Sangeeta ( Delhi)
ChampaBen (Ahmadabad)
Sonal Sinha (Patna)

The panelists discussed the new Street Vendors (Protection of livelihood & Regulation of Street Vending )Act2014 with its extensive efforts NASVI has been able to get A National policy for urban street vendors in 2004 that was revised in 2009. NASVI began focusing on need to enact a law for street vendors. The parliament enacted the Street Vendors (Protection of livelihood & Regulation of Street Vending Act, 2014.
Arbind Singh from NASVI, New Delhi explained the formation of Town Vending Committee (TVC) and their role in helping the street vendors of India. 40% of the TVC members are street vendors and local authority has to work on the recommendation of the TVC only. As per this Act, vendors are to be surveyed after every five years and certificate of vending is issued to them.
The panelists gave answers to every question of the international delegates in Congress, Everybody were satisfied with practical approval of Nasvi in implementation of the Act in India.
There after the following in program was organized.
Establishment of Credentials Commission: Chair asked the Congress to approve the Credentials Commission as proposed by the executive Committee:
Establishment of Resolution Commission: Chair asked the congress to approve the Resolution Commission as proposed by the executive Committee:
Electoral Commission – Mahindra Singh was head of Electoral Commission to the congress. Five regions were represented for voting
America,Asia,South & East Africa, Central and West Africa, Europe and central Asia
A new International Council was elected
President: Lorraine Sibanda- Zimbabwe
Voice – President: Alberto Santana-FUTTEINCO, Dominican Republic.
Secretary: Arbind Singh NASVI, India,
Treasurer: Shikha Joshi, SEWA, India,

Street Net report was presented by Pat Horn, International Coordinator. The Treasurer’s Report was presented by Souley Zeinabou.
Flor Maria Hernandez Castro said that she wanted to congratulate what the Street Net is doing. She also thanked the coordinator for giving such a detailed report. She further added that it is upto us to sustain Street Net and continue the good work for the vendors.
Discussions about Resolution Commission: Chair asked the Congress to approve the some Resolution, Amendments and Commission as proposed by the executive Committee.important resolutions were passed .
Importance of Youth Commission was discussed and also passed .
Thank you speech was given by New President also thanked everyone for the successful conduct of Fifth Street Net International Congress.

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