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NASVI Program Manager visits Ajmer

In order to keep up with the rapid pace and growth in the number of street vendors throughout the nation and, ideally to live up to the soul purpose of the organization, Ms Anuradha Singh, Programme manager with NASVI visited the vibrant city of Ajmer, Rajasthan earlier this month.

The objectives of the visit were as follows –

  1. Appointment with the Municipal Commissioner of Ajmer.
  2. Interaction with the street vendors organization.
  3. Increasing awareness of the street vendors law.
  4. Meeting with the IHM principal.
  5. Initiate Street vendor Training programmes.
  6. Identification of new street vendor leaders.

This visit did prove fruitful as Ms Anuradha Singh, despite their busy schedules did manage to meet the municipal commissioner and the principal of IHM respectively. In addition to these visits, Ms Anuradha Singh also ventured into few of the city’s most sprawling markets that primarily comprised of –

  1. Naya Bazar.
  2. Purani Mandi.
  3. Duggi Bazaar.

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