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National Association of Street Vendors of India NASVI

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NASVI Objectives

  • To bring together street vendor organizations of India so as to collectively struggle for macro-level changes, which had become imminent to support the livelihood of millions of street vendors.
  • To strengthen street vendor organizations and support them in their endeavors to ensure the livelihood of street vendors. The objective is to build a strong grass-root movement of street vendors of India.
  • To strengthen street vendor organizations to look for long-lasting and sustainable solution to the problems faced by street vendors.
  • To organize International, National and State level conferences in order to bring the attention of Policy Makers, Planners and Administrators towards the street vendors.
  • To facilitate and support the dialogues/interfaces with all decision makers and stake holders in finding solutions for the problems of the street vendors apart from dharnas, processions, struggles.
  • To Collect and make available information about good practices, initiatives, policies and laws, methods of struggle, court judgments etc related to street vending and street vendors. It must be mentioned that when NASVI was formed there was limited information about street vendor organizations in India. NASVI began by gathering information about these organizations through different ways ranging from media reports, writing to other organizations and to making visits crisis crossing the country to get in touch with these organizations.
  • To maintain continuous communication with and between street vendor organization and also with other stakeholders.
  • To play role of a watchdog to protect the interest of street vendors.

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