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NASVI – Executive Committee E-Meeting : Covid-19

On May 8, 2021, an Emergency meeting of the Executive Committee of NASVI was held. In this meeting, representatives from those states were also invited, from which no members were in the Executive, so that the situation of the whole country can be known.

Shri Arbind Singh – Coordinator said that after hearing all the things, we come to the conclusion that we should make the following action plan –

  • Last week in Delhi, the Vendors Leaders wrote a letter to the Commissioner of Police clearly about the incident in the Bazaar. The Commissioner of Police called the meeting and gave very detailed instructions to the local police station area. Therefore, we have to tell a very specific written incident related to the police.
  • Helpline number will be issued by NASVI for the whole of India so that vendors can share their very specific issues. We will make specific complaint to the dedicated officer / administration.
  • A letter will be written on behalf of NASVI to the DGP of all the states that they should instruct the police to be sensitive to the vendors as fruits and vegetables have been included in the essential services.
  • Identify the 10 states in which the Grievance Redressal Committee has been formed and send them a letter on the issue of vendors.
  • Street vendors should also be vaccinated as a priority.
  • There should be some concession in the deposit of PM-SVANIDHi loan now; the bank should also request it.
  • TVC should be given priority in case of vending. TVC should continue the meeting which could be Zoom or other online platform. Such a proposal should be made to MoHUA – Minister and Secretary.
  • All the identified vendors should be given interim financial assistance of Rs. 5000 and 2 months of raison.
  • List of the vendors who died due to Covid-19, by the  Executive Committee of the respective states to ask for help.
  • Through social media, the government and officials should be sensitized.
  • Food vendors should be allowed.
  • A letter should also be written to the agency (metro) charging fees from vendors for relaxation .
  • Meeting with all Affiliated member organisations at national level soon.

Please Read / Download the full report here in English & in Hindi.

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