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Nasvi wrote a letter to the Chief Minister, asking for the protection of livelihood of street vendors

Demand to include food vendors in essential services

Immediate monetary relief to street vendors

New Delhi: April 19, street vendors have been facing severe hardship since last year’s lockdown. Even though the lock-down was lifted last year, and the street vendors, especially the weekly market, were allowed to live their livelihoods in a phased manner. But the present circumstances have once again posed a serious challenge to the livelihood of the street vendors. A letter related to the said intention has been conveyed in writing to Chief Minister Arbind Kejriwal by the National Coordinator of NASVI Mr. Arbind Singh.

Mr. Singh said that in the second phase of COVID, severe restrictions have been imposed on the livelihood of the street vendors. Between the extended lockdown and the fear of prolonged curfew, the street vendors are terrified. Therefore, we demand that –

  • Efforts should be made to minimize the livelihood of the street vendors.
  • Food vendors should also be included in essential service like vendors of vegetables and fruits.
  • 6000 rupees to all survey dwellers. Be provided per month, until their livelihood is restored.


Arbind Singh
National Coordinator

Letter to Chief Minister Delhi [Click to read as pdf file in English ]

Letter to Chief Minister Delhi [Click to read as pdf file in Hindi ]

Letter to PM and Chief Ministers [Read more]

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