Training given to street vendors to make them aware and ready with COVID-19 safety gears


Campaign “Bring Them Back” to bring thousands of street food vendors back to their livelihood

Training given to street vendors to make them aware and ready with COVID-19 safety gears

29/09/2020 – National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) under the campaign “Bring Them Back” will train and provide access to COVID protection kit to Street vendors in India.

For the Campaign, people from all across the world donated from Rs 10 to Rs 10,000/- to support the vendors and bring them back on their feet after the lockdown which affected lacs of street vendors across the country.

First online training was given to 30 street vendors in Patna, Bihar today to create awareness among the street vendors. Ms Sangeeta Singh – Head Street food Program gave the introduction and informed the vendors about their hygiene & safety. Ms. Siya Mishra – gave training to street food vendors informing them about the hygiene practices they have to follow during and post COVID – 19 pandemic.  After the training, the vendors were given a COVID protection kit consisting of apron, pair of washable masks, head gear cap, gloves and sanitizer. Vendors also received Fostac Certificate post the training.

This program will support street vendors in India and create a healthy and hygienic environment for them. The campaign aims to provide training and access to hygiene. Simultaneously it will help them emerge from the languishing financial condition by instilling public confidence in street vending.

“Quote by Chef Ranveer,” Chef Ranveer.

“Street food vending provides livelihood opportunities and makes a substantial contribution to local economy. After COVID – 19 pandemic, street vendors have been greatly affected. Imparting training in food hygiene and safety to street food vendors is necessary so that they can carry with their livelihood during and post – COVID. The trainings conducted are carefully designed in keeping with the needs and requirements of the street food vendors operating in a particular location.” mentions Ms. Sangeeta Singh, Head – Food Program, NASVI. ***fin***

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