NASVI is an organization working for the protection of the livelihood rights of thousands of street vendors across the country. Beginning as a Network in 1998, NASVI was registered in 2003 under the Societies registration Act of 1860.

The main objective behind establishing NASVI was to bring together the street vendor organizations in India so as to collectively struggle for macro-level changes which had become imminent to support the livelihood of around 10 million vendors which stand severely threatened due to outdated laws and changing policies, practices and attitudes of the powers that be.

NASVI is a national federation of street vendor organizations. It is a coalition of Trade Unions, Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and professionals.

NASVI was registered in November, 2003 under the Societies Registration Act of 1860.The reasons for registering NASVI under the Society Act was mainly –

NASVI did not want to compete nor even convey the message of competing with any trade union federations.

Under the Societies Registration Act, members could participate in General Body get elected to positions and democratic norms could be promoted and also participation of the members could be ensured.

The membership of NASVI is open to Trade Unions (TUs), Community Based Organizations (CBOs), Non Government Organizations (NGOs) and professionals like Lawyers, Teachers, Doctors, Social activists who have been working for the empowerment and development of the street vendors.

In terms of recognition among street vendors, the membership of NASVI is increasing day by day. Presently, NASVI has 528645 members from 888 organizations from the states of Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Jammu and Kashmir, Bihar, Delhi, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Kerela, Manipur, Maharashtra, Odhisa, Rajasthan, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Meghalaya, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Goa, Pondicherry, and Chhattisgarh.


To bring together street vendor organizations of India so as to collectively struggle for macro-level changes, which had become imminent to support the livelihood of millions of street vendors

To strengthen street vendor organizations and support them in their endeavors to ensure the livelihood of street vendors. The objective is to build a strong grass-root movement of street vendors of India.

To strengthen street vendor organizations to look for long-lasting and sustainable solution to the problems faced by street vendors.

To organize International, National and State level conferences in order to bring the attention of Policy Makers, Planners and Administrators towards the street vendors.

To facilitate and support the dialogues/interfaces with all decision makers and stake holders in finding solutions for the problems of the street vendors apart from dharnas, processions, struggles.

To Collect and make available information about good practices, initiatives, policies and laws, methods of struggle, court judgments etc related to street vending and street vendors. It must be mentioned that when NASVI was formed there was limited information about street vendor organizations in India. NASVI began by gathering information about these organizations through different ways ranging from media reports, writing to other organizations and to making visits crisis crossing the country to get in touch with these organizations.

To maintain continuous communication with and between street vendor organization and also with other stakeholders.

To play role of a watchdog to protect the interest of street vendors.

Since its formation, NASVI is committed to struggle for creating a supportive environment for the street vendors to carry out their legitimate vending. All the initiatives of NASVI are focused to secure the livelihood of street vendors through policy interventions, changes in political- legal environment, dialogues with policy makers, administrators and planners, organizing state-level, national and international conferences, organizing struggles/processions/demonstrations/dharnas, supporting in crisis, providing legal aids, capacity building of street vendor organizations, financial services, collecting and disseminating information about issues concerning street vendors, sensitizing society about the issues of street vendors and so on.

With the intensified efforts of NASVI the historic legislation Street Vendors (Protection of Livelihood and Regulation of Street Vending) Act, 2014 was enacted by the Parliament of India in 2014. Now the objective of NASVI has shifted from agitation to implementation mode and NASVI is extensively working for securing the effective implantation of the central Act for street vendors thereby changing the lives of thousands of street vendors of the country.

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  1. Selvi

    Sir/ Madem,
    from Greetings REEDS, Tamil Nadu. INDIA

    Sub: Grant application and guidelines.reg

    REEDS is indeed pleasure of meeting you through this letter and introduce ourselves as a Non-profit secular grassroots voluntary organization have been serving for the upliftment of Rural dalith and Tribal poor and marginalized people in their socio-economic, (we formed 1190 women’s self help groups) Health, Educational status for the most for the most more than a decade with high degree of dedication and determination.

    REEDS present concentrating on women and for sustainable development through savings and credit management, HIV/AIDS Prevention stigma and discrimination, Sustainable Agriculture, Environment development, Vocational Training for Exterminate Poverty, Youth Sensitization Programme, Care and support for Older persons, Women and Human Rights, Tribal Rights, Safe Drinking water and sanitation, Child Rights, Eradication of child labor, Rehabilitation of bonded labor, Early Intervention Disability and etc.

    REEDS with very small level funding and resources could achieve only meager results and could understand that your esteemed organization can extend its supports and resources forwards the improvement of poor and oppressed. Hence we sincerely request you to kindly send your Grant Application form and guidelines to us, which will enable us to intensity our programmes with your collaboration in future for the cause.

    Looking forward your valuable and positive reply.
    Thanking you with kind regards,

    R.Selvi, Secretary,
    Rural Educational and Environmental Development Society, (REEDS)
    Chennai Main Road, Kallur. M.Podaiyur Post.- 606 108
    Thittakudi. Tk. Cuddalore Tamilnadu, India
    E,mail, reedsatr@rediffmail.com

  2. anil dubey

    Want to start a street side food vending bussiness in bangalore, will be gratefull if you can guide me with lisence and other formalities and also details of be coming a member of your orgnisation.

  3. Ramesh Yadav

    I want to start street side Fast food vending stall in Gurgaon, Please guide me how i can get the lisence for avoiding bribe to policewala or others.

  4. g v sagar babu

    i am working for a puc in guntur of andhra pradesh. here 8 families , who are papaiah froot vendors were necked by hero honda show room owner. the place where they do business is no way connected with show room owner. in this regard we stud with vendors and helped to come to their previous place. guide us to get member ship with NASVI.

  5. laishram sharatkumar Singh

    kindly send affiliation form and financial assistance form in the interest of all Manipur Street Vendor Association thanking you

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