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National Association of Street Vendors of India NASVI

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Though the street vendors put in hard labour – 10 to 14 /15 hours daily but still face discrimination and harassment at their workplace. The issues with street vendors are,
➢ Firstly – the street vendors remain at the margin of the city and are not included in the city planning
➢ Secondly there are lot of harassment and eviction of street vendors
➢ Thirdly, vendors skills are also not sharpened to meet today’s needs and standards
➢ Fourthly – there is lot of dependence on money lenders
➢ Fifth – old model carts which do not match the growing aspirations of urban Indians today,
Your contribution will help to organize activities aimed at getting the street vendors integrated in Indian cities. If you wish to help a particular or few particular vendors of a certain city to be helped with your donation, that is also possible and we can come inform you after the help has been rendered


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