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  1. The Town Vending Committee shall carry on a survey atleast once in every 5 years of all the existing Street Vendors within their jurisdiction.
  2. 2.5% of the existing street vendors of the total population of any ward, zone, town or city are to be accommodated in the vending zones. And no one can be relocated or evicted till the survey is complete.
  3. Anyone who has completed the age of 14 years shall be issued a certificate of vending by the TVC.
  4. Town Vending Committee shall carry out a draw of lots for issuance of certificate when the number of Street vendors exceeds the holding capacity of that zone.
  5. Prior to the issuance of certificate every street vendor shall give an undertaking to the Town Vending Committee
  6. The Town Vending Committee may cancel or suspend the certificate of the Street Vendor if there is any breach of terms and conditions mentioned in the act.
  7. Every street vendor who has been issued vending certificate shall pay vending fees which shall be renewable on payment of fees.
  8. In case of the death of the Street Vendor the vending certificate shall be transferred to the spouse or the dependent child of the deceased vendor.
  9. Every street vendor who has been issued vending certificate shall be issued identity cards also by the TVC.
  10. Vending fees shall be paid by every street vendor who has been issued certificate and this certificate will be valid for such a period as specified in the scheme. The certificate is renewable on the on payment of fees as specified in the scheme.
  11. Every Street Vendor who is aggrieved has the right to be heard before disposal of his matter by the Local Authority.
  12. Every Street Vendor shall maintain cleanliness, public hygiene, civic amenities and public property in the vending and nearby zone. And pay periodic charges for civic amenities and facilities.
  13.  After the issuance of the vending certificate no vendor shall be relocated or evicted from the specified place without 30days notice.
  14.  In case of seized goods by the local authority, non-perishable goods shall be released within working days and in case of perishable goods on the same day.
  15.  For redressal of grievance or resolution of disputes of Street Vendors the committee shall consist of a Chairperson who has been a civil judge or a judicial magistrate and two other professionals. But no government employee or the local authority shall be appointed as members of the committee.
  16.  Once in every 5 years the local authority on the recommendations of the Town Vending Committee shall prepare a plan to promote the vocation of Street Vendors covering the matters contained in the 1st Schedule.
  17.  There shall be atleast one Town Vending Committee for each zone or ward. Each Town Vending Committee shall consist of Municipal Commissioner or Chief Executive Officer, who shall be the chairperson.
  18.  The number of members nominated to represent the NGOs and the CBOs shall not be less than 10%. The numbers of members representing the Street Vendors shall not be less than 40% who shall be elected by the Street Vendors themselves in such manner as may prescribed.
  19.  1/3rd of members representing the Street Vendors shall be from amongst women vendors and due representation shall be given to the SC,ST,OBC, minorities and persons with disabilities from amongst the members representing Street Vendors.
  20.  Every Town Vending Committee shall publish Street Vendor’s charter and data-base and carrying out of social audit.
  21.  Every street vendor who carries on street vending activities in accordance with the terms and conditions of the vending certificate shall be entitled for prevention of harassment by police and other authorities.
  22.  There shall be a penalty of 2000/- imposed on any street vendor who contravenes any of the terms and conditions of the vending certificate.
  23.  Provisions of this Act, not to be interpreted as conferring ownership rights, etc.
  24.  The appropriate government may organise research, training and awareness programmes for the street vendors to exercise the rights contemplated under the act.
  25.  The appropriate government shall within 1 year from the date of commencement of this Act, by notification make rules for carrying out the provisions of this act.

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