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Hygiene lessons to help street food vendors of Delhi
Hygiene lessons for food vendors in Delhi
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NEW DELHI: With an aim to train street food vendors on cleanliness and hygiene, the National Association of Street Vendors of India (NASVI) recently organized a workshop in the city. Their training also included various aspects of food preservation techniques. “We were already aware of the cleanliness aspect, but NASVI taught us how to present […]

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An ambitious training program by NASVI in Ludhiana
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Nasvi, with collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism, is organising a 6-day training program in Ludhiana from 11th December to 16th December for orientation, testing and certification of cooks working in various eateries and dhabas. The understanding with the Ministry was that NASVI will nominate the service providers derectly to the IHMs and FCIs and […]

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RFP Asia

As a representative of WIEGO Institutional Member, NASVI participated in the WIEGO General Assembly of its members on 11th and 12th November, 2014.
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Outreach Workshop in Vietnam To amplify the outreach of the Regional Focal Point Asia, Street Net in cooperation with VGCL prearranged a Training for federations of labour and national industrial unions on organizing syndicates of workers in informal economy on 23/24 October 2014. The two-day programme included discussion on various issues like the need to […]

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