NASVI Organizational Structure

General Body

The General Body is constituted by the representatives of member organizations. All the representatives have right to vote except NGOs and individual members.

Executive Committee

The executive committee consists of President, 2 Vice-Presidents, 2 Secretaries, Treasurer, Coordinator, 14 executive committee members and 4 co-opted members from NGOs /Individuals. The Coordinator is appointed by the executive committee who carry out the activities as decided by it. The 25 member executive committee decides all the activities of NASVI.

State Coordination Committee

The State co-ordination committee has been envisaged as the main pressure group and follow up body at the state level in order to look after the all state related matters of street vendors. It is a body which will also work as a guiding & binding force between NASVI and the member organization in the implementation of policy at the state level as well as the district level. The committee consists of Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary and Joint Secretary.

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Upcoming Events

National Executive Committee Meet
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Welcome to the two-day meeting of the Executive Committee of NASVI. Since the transition period of the Covid-19 epidemic, the whole country is trying to get out. This time has been a difficult time for everyone, although the situation is getting normal the crisis is still not postponed, so much care is still needed. But, […]

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Self Workers Global (SWG)

Self Workers Global (SWG)
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The exit from Streetnet of certain member organizations, and the negative impulses that comefrom other affiliated organizations regarding the way of governing in Streetnet, has led NASVI (INDIA), UPTA(SPAIN) and SIVARA (ARGENTINA) to constitute a new organization representingself-employed workers, inside and outside the informal economy. This new organization, called Self Workers Global, has statutes of […]

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